ANN UK has launched an exciting pilot mentorship programme for registered nurses working in kidney care. The aim of the pilot is to give registered nurses access to an experienced nurse, external to their organisation who can offer advice and support for their career development in kidney care.

How does it work? 

Six Executive Board members are the mentors and in 2021 there are six places available. Executive Board members are supporting one mentee each and they will be matched together in terms of practice, management, education interests and research needs, taking into account the mentee’s preference. The amount of time given in support is 6 hours/year, which would roughly translate into a one hour (virtual) meeting every other month. There is no cost involved apart from time.

Who for? 

In the first instance the scheme is for Band 5 nurses, and we are encouraging those of BAME heritage to apply. The reason is that been much discussion in the nursing profession around promotion of people of BAME heritage to senior positions.